“I Dreamt of summer” is a series by Oleksandr Ivanchenko, which he photographed whilst visiting Ukraine in the summer months of 2015.

The images take the viewer to a place, filled with fun, joy and happiness. A place, free of troubles and worries, where one is surrounded by love and care and unburdened by the hardness of the outside world – the place of Oleksandr’s childhood.


Although, he felt there at home and was overwhelmed by the force of his memories, the artist was met with an inevitable dislocation. He saw himself as a visitor now. As someone who had left that place long ago. A stranger that isn’t a stranger. The one, who would return there again and again, evoked by longing and nostalgia, but now he is an outsider. An outsider, who can only find ‘the summer’ in his dreams and memories – while the same streets, lakes and meadows, he once inhabited, would serve as someone else’s playground for the making of their own memories.